HAA’s Professor Alice Tseng Presents Inaugural Lecture – “National Pavilions for International Consumption: Japan as Case Study”

The Institute for the Study of International Expositions (ISIE) presents “New Perspectives on National Pavilions at World Fairs.” The inaugural lecture “National Pavilions for International Consumption: Japan as Case Study” will be given by our own Professor Alice Y. Tseng. The event will be held online via Zoom on Thursday, January 26th, 2023, at 6:00pm. To register send an email to info@isie-global.org and you’ll receive a confirmation email and the link to the lecture.

Professor Tseng’s presentation examines serial performances of ideas of a unified nation, culture, and race in Japan’s exhibition architecture. The variety, rather than coherence, of architectural representation during these decades demonstrates the plurality of sources and means for defining Japanese unity. The presentation’s coda offers a long look at Japanese national pavilion design since 1940 to today, noting continuing efforts to materialize Japanese culture, authenticity, and tradition writ large through architecture