Alumni Profile

Lara Ayad, PhD, History of Art Architecture, 2018

Lara Ayad

GRS 2018

1) What have you been doing since you graduated from BU?

I obtained a tenure-track position at Skidmore College’s Department of Art History in upstate New York, where I started working in the Fall of 2018. After only one year, the position has taken me through a huge learning curve in teaching, research, and service responsibilities. I’ve also been balancing my work with socializing with colleagues and getting outdoors – I’ve climbed about fifteen mountains in the beautiful Adirondacks so far. There are many more to be climbed amid the course prep and writing!

2) How your time in the department shaped your professional and personal lives?

My time in the HAA Department at BU has built up my professional resilience. I’ve learned that getting something exactly right is not as important as the process of finding solutions to major challenges in the field of art history. Now that I teach full time, I train my students to prioritize responsibility and resilience, rather than perfection, in their learning.

3) Any advice that you would’ve given to your younger self?

Forgive yourself a little more than you’re used to.


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