Past Events

Every year GWISE organizes a diverse set of social, professional development, and outreach events. See the list below to get a sense for the kinds of programming that we provide to our BU community.


GWISE Craft Night!

Every spring semester GWISE plans a themed craft night! For Craft Night 2017 we decorated canvas tote bags, enjoyed food and drink and brought out our inner artist.

GWISE Wine Tasting

Red vs white, varietal and regional wines, enrich your palette with a blind wine tasting! We will lead you through 10 samples of different wines and have discussions on sweetness, acidity, tannin, body, and flavors.

GWISE Ice Cream Social

Cool off with some free ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet at the BU Beach! Open to all graduate students and post docs.

GWISE Grad Students Parents Lunch

Calling all grad student parents, moms AND dads! This is a special meeting hosted by the GWISE Mothers’ Group, welcoming dads too. Students face unique challenges when working toward a graduate degree while raising little ones, and this is a chance to connect, vent and share strategies.

GWISE Holiday Social

Take a break from lab work and classes to enjoy some holiday fun with your friends. Celebrate the season and the end of the semester with food, wine, eggnog, and desserts.

GWISE Spooktacular Night of Horrors (Halloween Social)

Jeepers creepers! The leaves are turning and the air is chilling,
sure signs that the GWISE Halloween Social is approaching. What better way to kick off your haunted weekend, than with a frighteningly great time with your favorite ghouls.

GWISE Corn Maze Social

Join GWISE for a fun trip to the Davis Mega Maze, one of the top rated corn mazes in New England!  GWISE will provide transportation to and from the event and you are responsible for your admission ticket. 

GWISE Autumn Apple Picking Trip

Join GWISE for the autumn apple picking trip to Sholan Farms in Leominster, MA! On the farm, we’ll start with hayride tour where you’ll learn the history of the land.  After that, you’ll be free to pick your own apples – Honeycrisp, McIntosh, RubyMac, Pioneer Mac, Cortland, Jonagold De Coster, Liberty, Macoun, and Grimes Golden are all set to ripen in mid to late September.   The raspberry patch should still be open as well.

GWISE Semester Kick-Off Social

Celebrate the beginning of every new year while you enjoy food and drinks, welcome back your friends, and meet NEW graduate students!

Professional Development

GWISE Speed Networking Event

GWISE and the Center for Career Development organized an annual night of networking! GWISE Speed Networking Event gives participants an opportunity to learn about different career options and to expand their network. Participants have 15 minutes in a speed networking format to talk to all panelists about their experiences and professions.

Graduate Leadership Workshop: The Leadership Challenge with speaker Dick Heller

Are you a graduate student looking at your future career and thinking to yourself “I’m supposed to head a lab? Be a PI? Manage a research team? Work in industry? They want me to be a leader! I don’t know anything about being a leader!” Well, friend, you’re in luck! The Leadership Challenge Workshop will introduce participants to an accessible and application-oriented model of leadership. Backed by over thirty years of leadership research data from over one million leaders, The Leadership Challenge Workshop is an intense and unique discovery process. The workshop is based on the book, “The Leadership Challenge” by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, now in its fifth edition.

GWISE Networking Workshop with Career Strategist Sarah Cardozo Duncan

Join GWISE and Career Strategist Sarah Cardozo Duncan as we explore the impact of networking through this fun and interactive workshop. Statistics tell us that 90% of all positions are landed through people you know. Therefore, networking is an essential component to move your career forward.

GWISE Surviving the Grad School Slump

Are you settled into grad school and wondering how best to set yourself on a path for success in the future? Do you have questions about advisor relationships or building networks? Do you want to hear about how to continue productivity over the long haul?

GWISE Fellowship Editing Workshop: Writing Competitive Fellowship Essays

Would you like helpful advice, constructive criticism, or just another pair of eyes to look over your fellowship essays? Bring along your drafts (at any stage of completion) and join GWISE every fall semester for our Fellowship Editing Workshop, featuring BU fellowship winners and faculty advisors!

GWISE Fellowship Panel – “How to Find and Win a Fellowship”

Looking for funding? Every fall semester GWISE brings together previous winners of major fellowships, along with professors who have experience reviewing fellowship applications. Together, they will give you their tips on how to put together a competitive application.

GWISE First Year Welcome Panel

New to graduate school? Our annual panel of seasoned grad students will answer all your questions about research, classes, teaching, work/life balance, and generally how to survive the next few years!


GWISE Earth Day Clean Up

Join GWISE as we celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up the Charles River with the Charles River Conservancy. All volunteers receive a free T-shirt and the satisfaction of doing something for the Earth.

Lincoln School’s Annual Science Night

GWISE volunteers participate annually with the Lincoln School’s Science Night. It is a fun night of interactively sharing science with K-8 students.