Student Essentials

The most important sources of information for students are linked below.  All students should familiarize themselves with these administrative guidelines.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
The Graduate Program in Religion (GPR) is one of the many graduate programs available within the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences here at Boston University.   Prospective GPR students can find general information about graduate education at the University as well as useful links to graduate resources, regulations, and administrative offices through the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences website.

GRS Bulletin
Updated annually and no longer in print form, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Bulletin is available entirely online. Follow the link to the right for the 2010-2011 GRS Bulletin.

GPR Graduate Student Handbook
A complement to the GRS Bulletin, this handbook is a valuable reference tool for students in the GPR. It provides answers to students most frequently asked questions and outlines both the academic and administrative expectations of GPR students as they progress through their degree. 

GPR Learning Outcomes
The knowledge and skills graduates from our programs are expected to master

Time Frames for Completion of Degrees
Please stay aware of the time frames to complete each step in your respective degree program. These are available in the Graduate Student Handbook.

GRS Forms, Policies, & Procedures
The majority of the forms you will need to use on a regular basis are available here in electronic form.  Hard copies are also always available in the files outside Religion 302.

GRS Transfer of Credit Request
Students may use this form for one of two purposes: to transfer general credit that will count towards the total number of credits required for their graduate degree; or to transfer credit that also carries a course equivalency in their degree program.