Affiliated Faculty

Buddhist Studies

Wiebke Denecke (Department of World Languages and Literatures) 

Eugenio Menegon (Department of History)

Robert Weller (Department of Anthropology)


Islamic Studies

Shahla Haeri (Department of Anthropology)

Robert Hefner (Department of Anthropology)

Jeremy Menchik (IR/Pardee School of Global Studies)


Jewish Studies

Abigail Gillman (Department of World Languages & Literatures)

Kimberly Arkin(Department of Anthropology)

Simon Rabinovitch (Department of History)

Pnina Lahav (Law School)


Religions in American Culture

Christopher Evans (School of Theology)

Dana Robert (School of Theology)

Jon Roberts(Department of History)


Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean World

Zsuzsanna Varhelyi (Department of Classical Studies)


Religion in Philosophy, Politics, and Society

Allen Speight (Department of Philosophy)

David Decosimo (School of Theology)

Robert Weller (Department of Anthropology)

Kimberly Arkin (Department of Anthropology)

Linda Barnes (School of Medicine)

Lance Laird (School of Medicine)