As you plan an activity abroad, and especially as you prepare for travel, you will want to take advantage of the experience and expertise of colleagues around the University and around the world. The Global Programs Training Series provides both online training modules and live presentations to help you prepare safe and successful activities abroad.

Current trainings available on Blackboard are:

Health, Safety, and Security Planning for International Activities, which covers:

  • Risk identification, assessment, and management
  • How to identify helpful resources at home and abroad
  • How to put together an emergency management plan
  • How to train fellow travelers in health, safety and security preparation

Working with Students Abroad, which helps guide faculty and other group leaders managing a variety of potential student issues including:

  • Student expectations
  • Students suffering trauma and other distress
  • Insurance
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Staff issues

In addition, Global Programs offers customized training, called Global Live Training, which can be organized on demand for you in Boston or via Skype or Lync anywhere in the world. The Global Live Training request form can be accessed here.

To access the training series:

Step 1: Go to and log-in using your BU log-in credentials.

Training Access_Step 1

Step 2: Click on “All Blackboard Learn Courses”.

Training Access_Step 2

Step 3: Click on the “Global Programs” folder on the right-hand side of the page.

Training Access_Step 3

Step 4: Locate the Global Programs training by title or by Course Name or by Course ID (“00cwr_HSScourse” and “00cwr_WSA course”).

Training Access_Step 4

Step 5: Click on the corresponding drop-down box indicated by the double downward-facing arrows.

Training Access_Step 5

Step 6: Click on “Enroll”.

Training Access_Step 6

Step 7: Click “Submit” to complete self-enrollment.

Training Access_Step 7

Please contact Global Programs if you encounter any trouble with enrollment or have questions regarding these or future trainings.