There are many offices, schools, and colleges at the University that conduct global, credit-bearing, teaching activities, such as taking BU students abroad through an excursion as part of a course, or teaching an entire course abroad. Some examples of current global teaching activities can be found  in the Discover section of our website.

Operational Considerations

Operational considerations for credit-bearing teaching activities are a part of standard course- or program-approval processes on campus and need to be reviewed carefully. The considerations listed below will become the basis for the operational considerations section of your proposal.

  • Determination of what type of legal registration (and/or registration with other host country authorities) is required
  • Collaboration agreements or Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with local institutions
  • Compliance with local employment and contractor services laws
  • Effects of currency exchange rates on program budgets
  • Ensuring the health, safety, and security of participants
  • Ensuring availability of funds in-country for local expenses
  • Purchasing logistics
  • Visa and work permit requirements in-country for participants
  • Technology infrastructure in host country to support the educational activities
  • Export control laws

Approval Process

Proposals for credit-bearing global activities:

  • Obtain approval from your department chair or dean to design the course or activity.
  • Contact Global Programs to review the operational considerations outlined above.
  • Submit the syllabus for official approval within your college or school’s course approval process.
  • Submit the activity for approval through the Office of the Provost’s electronic Curriculum Approval Process (eCAP), which combines a curriculum-approval process with the process of logging operational considerations of global activities.
    • eCAP proposals are subjected to the existing internal review process within your individual school or college and then reviewed by the Office of the Provost and/or appropriate University bodies.
    • Review and approval by Global Programs will be part of the Office of the Provost’s review process.
  • The Office of the Provost’s eCAP submission website provides detailed information on how to identify the types of activities that require eCAP approval, as well as a step-by-step guide to how the approval process progresses for each type.