Thoughtful budgeting of your activity during the planning stage can help to avoid unforeseen expenses during implementation. It is recommended that you work with your school/college or departmental business office to prepare a budget, as they may have a preferred format.

Sample budget templates for research and teaching activities are offered as tools to help you think through items to include in your budget. They are meant only as a guide; each activity is unique and therefore the budget may need to be tailored to your specific requirements. These sample budget templates can be requested from Global Program’s Assistant Vice President of Finance & Operations, Kevin Nelson.

When budgeting for your activity, please remember to take into consideration the additional complexities and potential costs associated with running an activity abroad. Potential areas where you may incur additional costs include:

  • legal counsel
  • permanent and part-time hiring
  • providing for local benefits
  • banking
  • health and safety planning
  • currency fluctuation
  • other unique costs associated with the activity

For research budgets, please review sponsored programs’ proposal guidelines.