Hiring Abroad

Hiring employees and consultants to work in other countries is challenging and requires an understanding of local laws that often differ from those in the US. For these reasons, even modest global hiring often requires expert advice specific to the country, and sometimes city or region, of operation. You may need to work with a local partner institution or an entity authorized to hire employees in order to fulfill required local employment regulations. The partner or other third party would provide the following services:

  • Onboard and Administer employee Contracts
  • Serve as Employer of record
  • Maintain legally-required licenses, registrations and insurances
  • Administer payroll and Expense Report payments to the worker
  • Administer payments and tax filings to local authorities
  • Off board and manage the termination process
  • Maintain any statutory benefits required for the employee

Please refer to the Manager Resources section of the Human Resources website for more support and instructions:

Hiring a Worker for a Non-US Location