Università degli Studi di Padova, Padua, Italy

The Boston University-Università degli Studi di Padova faculty exchange program is part of an over 25-year-old collaboration between the two universities.

Number of Participants

Up to three BU faculty per year in a 1:1 exchange with Italian faculty.

Length of Stay

Generally, two to four weeks at the Università during May–July, when the Università is still in session, though other dates might be arranged.


BU will cover the cost of round-trip transportation to Padua—including reasonable standard round-trip airfare and associated ground transportation as well as a per diem allowance for meals. The Università provides university lodging. The accommodations are modest, and the allowance will not cover all the expenses of a one-month stay in Italy. Costs associated with traveling companions will not be covered and are the responsibility of the scholar.


Italian language skills are not required.


  • A proposal (maximum of two pages) that describes a project(s) which:
    • is relevant to a topic to the research currently pursued by faculty members at the Università, or connected with the special resources of that scholarly community;
    • can be accomplished within the available time;
    • will benefit from the opportunity to work with students and scholars at the Università. Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify and contact specific individuals at the Academy with whom they intend to collaborate, in advance of submitting an application.
  • Details pertaining to other sources or potential sources of funding (travel grants etc.)
  • Proposed timetable/dates and an indication of flexibility regarding dates
  • A curriculum vitae of no more than four pages


Application Deadline

Applications are due to by the second Friday in February each year, with final selection notifications sent by March 1 or shortly thereafter. Emailed electronic submissions are preferred. Apply to:

Willis Wang, Vice President and Associate Provost for Global Programs
888 Commonwealth Avenue, Mezzanine
Boston, MA 02215

BU Padua Academic Center

Faculty members selected for the exchange will be invited to meet with the resident director and students of the BU Padua Language & Liberal Arts Program (Summer) upon arrival in Padua to foster this connection.


Participating faculty will be asked to submit a brief report summarizing their work at the Università. Such feedback is useful for maintaining a productive collaboration with BU’s partner institution, and for improving the faculty experience.

Additional Information