Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions by students who are enrolled in BU First Class. If you are experiencing a different issue, and cannot access the course, please email Kamelia Turcotte ( with the following information: your full name (first, last), BU ID, BU email.

  1. edX Edge vs. edX

Please note, BU First Class is delivered on the edX Edge platform. If you already have an edX account, you still need to create an account on edX Edge with the email in the original message you received from Global Programs. The course should then show up on your dashboard under “My Courses” as “BU First Class.”

  1. Personal email vs. BU email

Please note, if we have your personal email and your BU email on file, we will send invitations to enroll in BU First Class to both emails, however you will need to use your BU email address to create an account in edX Edge and access the course.

  1. Enrollment by Invitation Only message

If you have received an email invitation to access BU First Class, you should be able to register and log in. The “enrollment by invitation only” is an automatic message from EdX Edge. Please disregard. Once you register, you should be able to see the course on your dashboard.

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