BU Student, Ariane Vigna

Adriane Vigna in front of city skylineBU student, Ariane Vigna (COM’22) reflects on her internship experiences in the U.S., and shares advice with international students.

Ariane completed an editorial internship with the media group Modern Luxury in spring 2021.

  1. What resources at BU or elsewhere did you use to get your internship(s)?

I applied for one of my internships using Handshake, a Linkedin-like platform for BU students to apply to internships and network. It made the process very easy and straightforward, which I appreciated. I also took advantage of the COM Career Center’s resources by going over my resume with the professionals there.

  1. What are three things your internship experience has thought you about working in the U.S. and your plans after graduation?

My internship experience has taught me that the working environment in the U.S. can be more flexible, creative, and informal than at home, but also more demanding in that there aren’t scheduled lunch breaks or breaks in general. This internship was a great opportunity for me to test the waters and experiment in regards to which country and industry I wanted to work in, and it also allowed me to have an international experience to show on my resume for employers back home, which has proved to be an asset in my internship search there.

  1. What is your biggest takeaway from your internship experience(s) that you would like to share with international students?

My internship experience in the U.S. was very beneficial in that it allowed me to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, to discover a new kind of working environment, and to show employers in my home country that I can adapt to new situations. This internship also made me gain confidence in my ability to manage challenges and to interact with people abroad, which helped me flourish in my personal and social life here. I would definitely recommend getting at least one internship in the U.S. before going home or trying to get a job here after graduation!