A Look at BU’s Newest Study Abroad Programs

in Global Matters
March 13th, 2024

Wide-Ranging Study Abroad Opportunities Add Even More Options for Students

Studying abroad creates the opportunity to journey to new places – literally to new destinations, and figuratively to widened world views and perspectives. It encourages reflection and can fuel exposure to new cultures, customs, and ways of living. As the saying goes, to make the world better, you must make your world bigger.

While there is great comfort in the familiar, it is beyond familiar territory where true growth happens. Boston University Study Abroad (BUSA) hears this sentiment time and time again from students who spend time abroad. The transformative nature of studying abroad is undeniable. To that end, BUSA constantly evolves and creates new study abroad opportunities, adding to its diverse program opportunities for students.

This past academic year, BUSA has launched new programs as well as renewed academic opportunities in some locations that had operations temporarily shuttered during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. View the new and renewed programs from this academic year below and visit the BU Study Abroad website to learn more about each exciting opportunity.

New Programs, Academic Year 2023-2024:

  • Sydney, Australia – Offered during the fall semester, the Sydney Study Abroad Program is a one-semester non-internship experience that allows students the opportunity to explore one of the most progressive cities in the Pacific Rim region while earning credit to advance their undergraduate degree. Coursework focuses on various aspects of Australia’s dynamic history and contemporary culture, including its literature, politics, economy, and media, as well as coursework in computer science. Sydney students also benefit from the excellence of the Boston University Sydney Center’s staff, facilities, and activities while abroad.
  • Santiago, Chile – The Santiago Program offers students the opportunity to study in the political and financial capital of Chile and enroll directly at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and the Universidad de Chile. Students will also be able to take advantage of courses, staff, facilities, and cultural excursions offered by BU’s partner IES Abroad.
  • Amman, Jordan – Students may improve upon or launch their Arabic language skills while engaging in topics related to Arabic culture, politics, and religion in Amman – one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world – while experiencing the renowned Jordanian hospitality and bustling markets (souqs). Students study at the CET Academic Center in the Sweifiehneighborhood of Amman.
  • Padua, Italy Conflict & Crisis Reporting (Summer) – The Padua Conflict & Crisis Reporting program will prepare students to begin covering conflicts, crisis, and hostile environments smartly, ethically and with greater safety. Based at BU’s Padua Academic Center, the program will take advantage of unique opportunities in Padua, including engagement with the IMP Festival (International Month of Photojournalism).
  • Cape Town, South Africa The Cape Town Program offers students the chance to pursue courses in their designated fields of study through direct enrollment at the University of Cape Town and in collaboration with academic partner IES. The University of Cape Town, the highest ranked university in Africa and oldest university in South Africa, is situated near the base of Table Mountain National Park.

Aidan Flanigan (CAS ’23), who was one of the first BU students to take part in this program, says his experience inspired him and reaffirmed his interest in African politics. “I left the program feeling confident in my chosen studies and with a new excitement for my major…I would strongly recommend doing the program if you want to build on your knowledge of African political structures. I was able to meet future politicians and lawyers with strong ambitions that in turn inspired me,” he says.

Renewed Programs, Academic Year 2023-2024:

  • Universidad San Francisco De Quito Exchange, Ecuador – The USFQ Exchange immerses students in the cultural and ecological diversity of the northern Andean country of Ecuador, through direct enrollment in university coursework and all-inclusive excursions throughout the country. Students may choose from two programs: the Cumbayá Program or the Galápagos Semester Program (GAIAS), which brings students to several of Ecuador’s unique climate zones.
  • The Grenoble Science Program at the Université Grenoble Alps, an institution that dates from the fourteenth century, is an ideal choice for pre-health and other science students. This unique program combines science coursework with French language study and is designed to allow students to take courses that fit neatly into their existing curricula and requirements.
  • Grenoble Engineering – Students study at the Université Grenoble Alpes. The program, offered only in the spring semester, is ideally suited for second-semester sophomores in engineering. There’s no prior language requirement, and engineering courses are taught in English by French faculty.
  • Berlin, Germany – The Berlin Study Abroad Program offers students the opportunity to pursue 15-19 credits by taking courses in German language and area studies in the German capital of Berlin. Students take advantage of courses, staff, facilities, and cultural excursions offered by IES Abroad. German language students may also choose to enroll in an internship or courses offered by a local host university, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU).
  • Auckland, New Zealand – The combination of academic work, field trips, and personal travel opportunities gives students a rich introduction to New Zealand life and culture. Students directly enroll at the University of Auckland and take four elective courses that depend on their specific field.