Vietnam Family Medicine Development Project

Vietnam Family Medicine Development Project

Duration: 2001-2012

Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Donor: China Medical Board






  • Ministry of Health, Vietnam
  • Hanoi Medical University
  • Ho Chi Minh City Medical University
  • Thai Nguyen Medical College
  • Boston University
  • Maine Medical Center
  • University of Massachusetts

Overview: The goal of the Vietnam Family Medicine Project was to support Hanoi Medical University, the lead institution on the project, to improve health care delivery in Vietnam by reforming the training of primary health care physicians using the Family Medicine model. This was accomplished by developing, implementing and evaluating a national family medicine training program, developed in collaboration with an in-country three-site educational network (Hanoi Medical University, Ho Chi Minh City Medical University and Thai Nguyen College) and partnering US institutions. The project has been extended with the goal of creating a master’s degree program (see National Center for Faculty Development).


  • Family Medicine Centers were created in participating medical colleges in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Thai Nguyen
  • Ambulatory training sites were established in six medical schools, including medical school clinics and district health centers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Thai Nguyen, Hue, Can Tho and Hai Phong
  • A comprehensive curriculum for postgraduate training in Family Medicine was developed.
  • 28 Vietnamese faculty members were trained as teachers in Family Medicine through faculty development programs
  • A National Commission on Family Medicine, chaired by the vice Minister of Health for Training and Research, was created
  • A total of 123 Family Medicine CK1 Specialists were trained
  • Master’s degree program in development