Global Health Research Seminar Series — Sleep in Pregnant Women Exposed to Violence: Exploring New Frontiers in Violence Prevention Research

1:00 pm on Monday, January 31, 2022
2:00 pm on Monday, January 31, 2022
Speakers: Prof. Nafisa Halim and Nandini Agarwal. BIO: Nafisa Halim is a Research Assistant Professor of Global Health at Boston University School of Public Health. She is an applied sociologist with research interests in developing and testing maternal and child health interventions in HIV affected and/or resource-poor settings. Halim’s most current work focuses on intimate partner violence during pregnancy and risk of adverse pregnancy and childbirth outcomes. BIO: Nandini Agarwal is a research data analyst in the Department of Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center, specializing in biostatistics and epidemiology with a focus in mental health and substance use research. She has experience in program design, planning, monitoring and evaluation in India and the United States, primarily providing mental health services for marginalized and underserved communities. As a data analyst at the Department of Psychiatry she assists in program evaluation, mixed method research and data management for ongoing projects/programs. When not working, she loves to read fiction, play basketball and pet dogs!