LGBT Mental Health in India – Internship opportunity

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April 7th, 2017

LGBT Mental Health in India

Anticipated Start Date: Summer/Fall 2017

Time commitment: 10-20 hours/week, but flexible

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Neeral Sheth


People who identify as LGBT are at greater risk for many mental health disorders and suicide.  In India, where homosexuality remains illegal, many are forced to keep their identities a secret, making it difficult to collect data regarding suicide risk, risk factors, and protective factors.  However, with increased use of the internet and social networking, many LGBT Indians are anonymously able to explore their identities online. We plan to conduct a qualitative and quantitative study with LGBT Indians, focusing on understanding suicide risk, protective factors and barriers to mental health treatment. We plan to recruit participants via social media and online communities where individuals are able to explore their gender and sexual identities while still remaining anonymous. We plan to use internet-based, qualitative and quantitative surveys to collect descriptive information and screen for depression, suicidality, risk factors, barriers to mental health treatment, etc…


This project is early in its conceptualization. As such, the Practicum student’s role may depend upon the project’s progression and when the student is able to join the project team. The student’s anticipated role may range from protocol development and implementation, to active data collection, to data analysis and preparation of findings for publication. While weekly time commitment is flexible, this practicum opportunity will likely require about 10-20 hours per week. This practicum opportunity is available starting in late spring 2017 through the fall semester 2017. Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter via email to Claire Oppenheim, Research Program Manager for Dept. of Psychiatry at Please indicate the specific practicum opportunity for which you are applying in your application email.