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What should it mean to hold a degree from BU? What skills, knowledge and habits of mind do today’s students need to thrive in their personal, professional and civic lives? What capacities should every BU undergraduate develop, regardless of college or major?

Boston University moved decisively to answer those essential questions in May 2016, when the University Council voted to approve the vision and intellectual framework proposed in the final report of the Task Force on General Education for the BU Hub, our first ever university-wide general education program.

The multiple reasons why BU has made a priority of this general education initiative continue to animate its second phase of efforts now underway to take the BU Hub from vision to reality. In September 2016, Provost Morrison charged a new task force, the BU Hub Implementation Task Force, with developing the structures and processes needed for implementing university-wide general education in all its curricular, co-curricular, and operational dimensions. Assisted by 10 BU Hub Satellite Committees, the Task Force established the BU Hub requirements for students and developed the learning outcomes for each area of the Hub with the goals of piloting aspects of the BU Hub in the 2017-2018 academic year and fully launching the program for freshmen entering in September 2018.

The first Task Force report was the culmination of 15 months of intensive deliberation and consultation that included 36 separate meetings with a wide range of stakeholders in the BU community, including faculty in every school and college. The Implementation Task Force has likewise worked to keep the whole community informed and involved at every stage of planning for the BU Hub.

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Perspectives on General Education

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  • Lisa M. Dolling in The Chronicle

    “While it is expressed in a variety of ways, it boils down to this: Either you believe the purpose of going to college is to be able to secure a (preferably high-paying) job, or you think there is something more intrinsically valuable to be gained from the years spent earning a degree. My question is: When did these become mutually exclusive?”

  • Mark Drnach in the Mellon Fellow Community Initiative

    “Higher education has the responsibility to nurture the development of global citizens who can participate effectively on the global stage and demonstrate the basic behavior of a good steward of this planet.”

  • Johnnella Butler, BU Symposium on General Education Keynote address:

    "Engaged diversity, the first liberal art, is an approach to teaching, learning, scholarship and research that embraces the creative tensions inherent in the complexity of human life, experience, and culture.”

  • Fareed Zakaria, In Defense of a Liberal Education

    “When you hear someone extol the benefits of a liberal education, you will probably hear him or her say that it ‘teaches you how to think.’ I’m sure that’s true. But for me, the central virtue of a liberal education is that it teaches you how to write, and writing makes you think.”

  • Nicholas Lemann, What Should Graduates Know?

    "Far better to go through a considered, openhearted process of deciding what you stand for academically and where you want to be strongest, ensure that every student’s experience encompasses that, and use it as the way you present yourself to the world.”

  • Roadmap

    Here are the eight steps to Developing a University-wide General Education Program. View the Roadmap details

  • 1.

    Task Force on General Education Appointed

    November 2014

  • 2.

    Task Force Develops Initial Ideas

    Spring/Summer 2015

  • 3.

    Discussion with the University Community

    Fall 2015

  • 4.

    Revision and Report on a Vision for University-Wide General Education

    Fall 2015/Winter 2016

  • 5.

    Discussion, Consideration, and Approval of the Task Force’s Report

    Spring 2016

  • 6.

    Appointment of the General Education Implementation Task Force

    Fall 2016/Spring 2017

  • 7.

    Pilot Implementation of General Education

    2017-2018 Academic Year

  • 8.

    Full Implementation of General Education

    Fall 2018