Tools for Interpretive Communication

Text Annotations of Videos


Supported by CASIT

GoReact allows for text and multimedia comments to be embedded in uploaded or YouTube videos.  Videos can be graded using customized rubrics.  CASIT has a limited number of licenses of this software. Please contact the Geddes Staff for more information if you wish to use GoReact.

Tool Website – Available to licensed faculty via a Blackboard integration.

Workshop: GoReact software from CAS IT – A Year-Long Pilot by Mira Angrist:


Video Quizzing

Kaltura Quizzes

Supported by Geddes, CASIT, and BU IS&T

Multiple choice questions, short answers, and reflection points can be added to any videos uploaded to Kaltura MyMedia using the built-in video quiz editor.  Grades based on score or completion may optionally be integrated into Blackboard and the Grade Center for multiple choice questions.

BU IS&T resources on creating/deploying Kaltura Quizzes (videos)

Kaltura Video Quiz Overview (text)


Supported by Geddes

EdPuzzle is an alternative to Kaltura Video Quizzes.  EdPuzzle allows for instructors to upload their own personal videos or use existing YouTube videos.  Unlike Kaltura Quizzes, EdPuzzle is not integrated into Blackboard, so individual accounts need to be created.

Tool Website

Creating an EdPuzzle (Shawn Provencal, Geddes Language Center):


Annotated Social Reading


Supported by Geddes and BU IS&T

Perusall allows students to annotate text in threads and to respond to other students’ posts. It also allows students to comment on video and respond to instructor or student posed questions.

Tool Website – Available to all faculty via a Blackboard integration.

Cheat Sheet: Setting up Perusall via Blackboard

How to use video in Perusall

Perusall FAQs

Youtube Video: Using Perusall for a close reading of a text


Perusall: Uploading a PDF and creating a Blackboard Assignment in Original Course View (Shawn Provencal, Geddes Language Center)


Perusall: Uploading a PDF and creating a Blackboard Assignment in Ultra Course View (Shawn Provencal, Geddes Language Center)


A Hands on Approach to Using Perusall for Textual and Visual Textual Work (Roberta Micallef & Sarah Frederick, World Languages and Literatures):

Google Doc

Supported by Geddes and BU IS&T

Texts may be uploaded into Google for students to use the commenting feature to create threads and reply to other students’ posts.  Texts may be converted from PDFs using Adobe Acrobat’s recognize text feature and exported to Word.

Other Activities/Assessments


Supported by Geddes

Create online flash cards and games based on those flashcards. Students can create their own flash cards sets. Instructors may create flash card sets and share them with their classes. The paid version allows for more exercise types, uploading of images, and unlimited classes.

Publisher website

Sample Exercise:


Creating a Korean Quizlet exercise (Shawn Provencal, Geddes Language Center)


Embedding Quizlet Activities into Blackboard (Alison Carberry, Romance Studies)


Supported by Geddes

Create asynchronous or synchronous activities within a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation and optionally record and share student responses.

Publisher Website

Getting Started Videos from Peardeck 

Google Forms

Supported by Geddes and BU IS&T

Create online surveys and quizzes within Google, and collect student responses.

Overview of Google Forms (Dave Decamp, DL&I)

BULB for WordPress

Supported by Geddes and BU IS&T

WordPress is a content management system used to create and display web content. Sites may be created by instructors who wish to create resources for their courses.  BU WordPress can optionally contain a plug-in called “BULB” (BU Learning Blocks), that allow for standalone true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and numeric exercises.  Exercises are self-graded, but scores are not currently stored, so they are mainly for self-reflection.  Learn more about BULB here.

WordPress is free to the BU community, and sites may be requested here.


Supported by Geddes

Create rich multimedia exercises that may be embedded within Blackboard or a course website (presentation, interactive video, memory game, quiz, multiple choice, timeline, collage, hotspots, drag and drop, cloze test (fill in the blanks), personality quiz, accordion, flash cards, audio recorder). is free and allows for testing, while requires a paid subscription ($170 per instructor per year) and may integrated with Blackboard.  Some licensing may be available.

Tool website