Seminar in Translation 2020

Each Language… It’s Own Melody
Robert Pinsky
January 24, 2020


How “Bad” Translations Made “Good” Literature: The Dostoevsky On The Pampas Case
Adel Adel Fauzetdinova
January 31, 2020

Translating Yiddish Literature In The Americas: Transnational Perspectives
Chantal Ringuet
February 7, 2020

Translation as Hallucination
Ilan Stavans
February 14, 2020

Translation: Art and Professionalism
Regina Galasso
February 28, 2020

Syntax and Microsuspense: Translating Word Order
Jennifer Croft
March 20, 2020


Crossing the River from One’s Native into an Acquired Language
Danuta Borchardt
March 27, 2020

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From Berberova to Slavnikova: My Decades Translating Russian Women Writers
Marian Schwartz
April 3, 2020

From Berberova to Slavnikova handout.

Tongue-Tied Internationalism: Adventures with a Soviet Setting, an Egyptian Novel, and an Indian Press
Margaret Litvin
April 10, 2020

Litvin Handout.

Writing in Two Voices. Guillermo Martinez and Alberto Manguel on Alicia/Alice and The Murders in Wonderland
Guillermo Martínez & Alberto Manguel
April 17, 2020

Watch Guillermo Martinez:

Download Dr. Alberto Manguel’s Presentation (PDF): The Translator as a Reader

Translating Classics: Balzac and Pla 
Peter Bush
April 24, 2020