Seminar in Translation 2018

On Translating Homer’s Iliad: ‘Lessons from the Master’
Caroline Alexander
February 2, 2018


The Language of Lyric: Untranslatable or World Literature?
Jahan Ramazani
February 9, 2018


Translating Meter, from Sappho to Horace
Christopher Childers
February 23, 2018


Poem upon Poem: Poets Translating Poets
Charlie Louth
March 23, 2018


Translation Matters
Michael Katz
April 6, 2018


A Reading and Conversation
Luis Negron & Jill Suzanne Levine
April 11, 2018


Tanizaki’s Reader on Style: Theodore Dreiser, National Character, and Translation
Anthony Chambers
April 13, 2018


Translating Shakespeare into American Sign Language
Lindsey D. Snyder
April 20, 2018