Meet the 2023 Global Economic Governance Fellows

Photo by Mario Purisic via Unsplash.

By Sayuri Kataoka

The Boston University Global Development Policy (GDP) Center is pleased to present the 2023-2024 cohort of Global Economic Governance Fellows. These four excellent scholars join the GDP Center from various backgrounds and universities, including Stony Brook University, American University and Syracuse University. They have or will be completing doctoral degrees in disciplines ranging from economics to political science.

The Global Economic Governance Fellows Program offers the opportunity for pre- and post-doctoral students to conduct independent research in line with the Global Economic Governance Initiative (GEGI)’s work, which includes the role of development banks in enhancing climate and development action, the intersection of the international trade regime with climate change and access to medicines, global debt architecture reform to foster financial stability.

The Global Economic Governance Fellows started their program in September 2023 and will spend nine months in Boston conducting research as well as participating in GEGI’s research projects, policy engagement and Center-wide activities.

Below, meet the 2023 Global Economic Governance Initiative Fellows:

Praveena Bandara is a Global Economic Governance Pre-doctoral Research Fellow and a PhD Candidate in Economics at American University, Washington, DC. Her research focuses on development macroeconomics and international trade particularly on export re-specialization patterns and factors affecting export participation of developing countries.

Before joining the GDP Center, she was a Research Assistant at the Institute for Macroeconomic and Policy Analysis. She was a Sustainable Development Goals Research Assistant and Advocacy Fellow at the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Farrah Brown a Global Economic Governance Post-doctoral Fellow and is completing a PhD in Political Science at Syracuse University. She also leads the curriculum for the Vulnerable 20 Group (V20) Climate Prosperity Fellowship, a collaboration with the V20 and Centre for Sustainable Finance at SOAS, University of London.

Her research is animated by questions at the intersection of foreign policy and development that concern global governance, diplomacy international political economy, international organizations, climate change and development finance. Previously she worked for 12 years as a Foreign Service Officer for the Government of Jamaica.

Manuel Cruz is a Global Economic Governance Post-doctoral Research Fellow. He previously worked at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (2013-2017), Colorado State University (2017-2023) and the Iowa Department of Revenue (2023).

He earned his PhD in Economics from Colorado State University (2023), a master’s degree in Economics from Colorado State University (2019), a master’s degree in Economic Analysis from the University of Chile (2013), a diploma in Corporate Finance from University of Guayaquil (2011) and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Catholic University of Guayaquil (2008). His research focuses on development economics and macroeconomics.

Nabil Haque is a Global Economic Governance Post-doctoral Research Fellow. Previously, he was a Research Fellow and Platform Manager for Aid Atlas online tool at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) – Asia Center. He has expertise in environmental policy, development cooperation, climate finance, technology diffusion and innovation systems.

His doctoral research at Stony Brook University focused on the role of development cooperation partners in facilitating climate technology diffusion. Before returning to graduate school, he was an environmental advisor at Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Bangladesh. He also holds a master’s degree in environmental resource policy from the George Washington University.


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