Latest COVID-19 Information

Day: June 2, 2021

Debt Relief for Middle-Income Countries: Can the International Community Meet the Moment?

By Yaechan Lee The COVID-19 pandemic has increased fiscal pressure on a global scale. Advanced economies, have been able to cope with the new norm thanks to their relatively larger fiscal and policy space and are now anticipating a robust V-shaped economic recovery. Low-income countries (LICs) have been considered most financially vulnerable against this pressure […]

Patents, Protections and Pandemic: A Trade and Access to Medicines Roundup

By Rachel Thrasher and Dr. Veronika Wirtz Well before the COVID-19 crisis, the rising costs of essential medicines and the limited ability to produce affordable generics were chief concerns for low- and middle-income countries. Those concerns turned to panic and desperation when the COVID-19 crisis spread around the world. COVID-19 revealed that production of personal […]