Beyond the Article: Exploring China’s Trillion Dollar Renewable Energy Opportunity

GDP Center Researchers Miquel Muñoz Cabré, Kevin P. Gallagher, and Zhongshu Li recently published an article on renewable energy and opportunities for Chinese overseas investment in China & World Economy (CWE)  with a new correlating interactive database.

According to the authors, there are three reasons that China is uniquely poised to lead renewable energy global investments:


    • China’s solar and wind industries are globally competitive.
    • Chinese policy banks can give domestic firms advantages in financing global expansion.
    • Renewable energy investment opportunities still exist in developing countries with less sovereign risks than for traditional energy investments.


The authors argue that the Chinese government should provide special incentives for the policy banks to capitalize on these investment opportunities by deploying Chinese solar and wind technologies to Belt and Road countries and beyond.
Link to the article

Link to interactive database

Photo Credit: Land Rover Our Planet via Flickr.