How the Transnational Pharmaceutical Industry Pursues its Interests Through International Trade and Investment Agreements: A Case Study of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo by Fadhila Nurhakim via Unsplash.

Transnational corporations (TNCs) have moved to the forefront of regulatory governance both within states and in the international arena. The Research Handbook on Transnational Corporations provides expert background commentary and up-to-date insights into regulatory frameworks impacting on TNCs at global, industry and national levels. Written by global experts in their field, this unique collection of essays provides in-depth understanding of how the forces of globalization affect the world’s largest corporations, and how those corporations, in turn, shape globalization.

The Research Handbook on Transnational Corporations is the first major work on the reciprocal impact of TNCs on regulatory processes. Including a chapter by Deborah Gleeson, Pat Neuwelt, Erik Monasterio and Ruth Lopert, The Research Handbook provides guidance on how best to understand the rapidly evolving relationship between TNCs and the processes of treaty making, the formation of global industry standards and the processes of national law making and policy formation (with a focus on resource taxation). Global, industry and national-level case studies are used to explain the basic principles used to support state, private and international regulatory programs.

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