The Clash of Globalizations: Essays on the Political Economy of Trade and Development Policy

Kerala, India. Photo by Kingsley Jebaraj via Unsplash.

Collecting and synthesizing a series of essays on the political economy of trade and development policy, this book by Kevin P. Gallagher explores the following research questions: to what extent is the global trading regime reducing the ability of nation-states to pursue policies for financial stability and economic growth; and what political factors explain such changes in policy space over time, across different types of trade treaties and across nations? Gallagher presents findings on the policy constraints on the Uruguay Round, as well as the significant restrictions that the United States places upon the ability of developing nations to deploy a range of development strategies for stability and growth.

Analyzing the factors that have led to 21st century trade politics being characterized by a “clash of globalizations,” this volume explores the role of economic power, institutional structure, domestic politics, currency fluctuations and ideas about globalization in effecting changes to global trade policies.

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