Youyi Zhang


Ph.D. candidate, Government Department of Cornell University

Zhang, Youyi is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Government Department of Cornell University and a predoctoral research fellow at the Global Development Policy Center of Boston University. His research mainly focuses on foreign investment, foreign aid, ethnic/nationalistic conflict, and international security, with a particular interest in the political implications of Chinese state-driven investment in Southeast Asia and Africa, in particular power and infrastructure sectors. He is also a visiting research fellow at Cambodia Institute for Peace and Conflict (CICP) and a research partner working with Yangon School of Political Science (YSPS).

Prior to Cornell, he completed his mater degree in political science in Columbia University and was an international fellow at Columbia SIPA in 2011-2012 academic year. His research has been funded by Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies China-Africa Research Initiative (CARI), Cornell University East Asia Program, Cornell University Southeast Asia Program, and International Growth Center (IGC). His most recent publications appear at the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs and the New Mandala.

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