Anne Short Gianotti

Associate Director LULI, Global Development Policy Center

Ph.D. Energy and Resources, University of California Berkeley
CAS 137

Dr. Anne Short Gianotti is Assistant Professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University, Associate Director of the Global Development Policy Center’s Land Use and Livelihoods Initiative, and Faculty Affiliate at the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future. Dr. Short Gianotti’s research focuses on the social and political dimensions of land and natural resource management. In particular, she aims to understand how various socio-political and ecological processes shape human interactions with nature and catalyze changes in land use, management, and policy. Dr. Short Gianotti’s research experience spans issues as diverse as wildlife management, disaster risk reduction, and cannabis cultivation. In all of her projects, she works directly with landowners, natural resource agencies, and other decision-makers to connect her research with practice.

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