The Faculty & Staff Assistance Office has partnered with BU Human Resources to provide BU faculty and staff FREE access to a meditation and mindfulness app to use on your computer (home or office) or mobile device. After enrolling the Headspace App language can be set to English, Spanish, Portuguese, German or French.

Reflect and Reset. Get your Mind ready for the year ahead with these Headspace journal prompts.

Headspace: How to Put your Mind to Rest, presented by Ban Ishii – a presentation from December 2022

To get a sense of Headspace here is a 45 minute presentation, How to Stress Less with Headspace

BU’s Employee Wellness also has links to Headspace Tools to Help with Stress and Change, Meditation Courses, as well as Videos and Recordings.

About Headspace

Launched in 2010, Headspace has one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. Headspace provides:

⇐  To receive your free BU employee membership, you MUST join by selecting the Join HEADSPACE button. You will be directed to enter your BU login and Kerberos password.



View this webinar presented for BU employees

If you have any sign-up issues or questions about your Headspace account, contact headspace@bu.edu