BUA presentation “Navigating AI: Responsible Tech Use for Teens”

BUA Parent Education Series

The Boston University Academy Parent Education Series offers parenting-specific virtual workshops from a variety of experts in their fields. This  presentation is open to the public, including the Boston University community and the Greater Boston Area community.

 “Navigating AI: Responsible Tech Use for Teens” with Dr. Jill Walsh

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 | 7:30-8:45 p.m.

With the rise and rapidly changing landscape of AI and Chat GPT, what are ways in which it can be used in academically enriching ways and how can we model and talk about productive tech use with our children?  Additionally, how can we steady ourselves, and model for our kids, responsible tech use?


Dr. Jill Walsh is a sociology professor at Boston University. She is also the founder of Digital Aged, a consulting group that educates students, families, and educational institutions about positive technology use. She earned a PhD in Sociology from Boston University, a Masters in Public Policy from Brown University and a BA from Harvard University. Before going to graduate school, she taught 9th-12th grades at an independent school in the Boston area.

Her research looks at the way that digital media use impacts psychosocial well-being and development. Her book Adolescents and their Social Media Narratives: A Digital Coming of Age was published in 2017 and she publishes academic research on youth development and emerging media. Her research interests include social media and identity work, parasocial relationships, and the links between technology and mental health.