c 2011 International Conference on Food Styling & Photography
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2011: The Art of Communication

The third biannual International Conference on Food Styling & Photography, June 24–27, 2011 was a huge success.

Entitled "The Art of Communication," this intensive conference brought together prominent names in food photography, styling, and design. The two-day weekend event featured dynamic programming, with cutting-edge speakers leading interactive panel discussions.

Optional hands-on master classes were offered on Friday and Monday, providing advanced professional development.

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Our thanks to the 2011 Sponsors

The Conference Sponsors would like to thank the following photographers and food stylists for donating their work for use in promoting the 2011 event:

  • Peaches (header): Jeff Kauck
  • Ice cream cone: Jeff Kauck
  • Mashed potatoes: Jeff Kauck
  • Stacked tostadas (header): Dennis Becker/Lisa Golden Schroeder
  • Overhead shot of soda bottles: Viktor Budnik
  • Pizza with Arugula (header): Steve Adams
  • Lettuce Wraps with dip: Dennis Becker/Lisa Golden Schroeder
  • Caramel pouring into glass: Viktor Budnik
  • Artful bowl with pouring sauce: Deborah Jones
  • Asparagus salad: Dennis Becker/Lisa Golden Schroeder
  • Beef salad with watercress (header): Viktor Budnik
  • Chicken & Bulgur Salad: Dennis Becker/Lisa Golden Schroeder
  • Berry tart (header): Jeff Kauck
  • Pot pie: Dennis Becker/Lisa Golden Schroeder