How to Keep Moving Wherever You Are

Visit this page often for tips and tricks on how to stay active wherever you are – at home, at the gym, or anywhere in between. We hope these resources will provide you with new and fun ideas to help you keep your body moving!

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At-Home Ab Workout with Kate
Plank Set with Faith
Ab Exercise Set with Liz
Core Set with Faith
Lower Body and Core Workout with Kate
Abdominal and Lower Back Strength with Rick
Stability Ball Planks with Rick
Core Exercises in Quadruped with Liz
Slow Yogi Bicycles with Dave
Forearm Plank Set with Faith



Glute Set with Faith
3 Strength Exercises You Can Do at Home with Cormac
Cardio Kickboxing Combo with Valerie
Arm Exercises You Can Do at Home with Nick
Push-Up Variations with Kate
Card Deck Workout
7-Minute Lower Body Workout with Rachael
Squat Variations with Kate & Friends
3 At-Home Lower Body Exercises with Cormac
10 Push-Up Variations with Cormac
Tricep Dips with Kate
Full Body Workout with Kate
Stability Ball Squats with Rick
Lower Body Workout with Ben
Arms and Legs Circuit
Wall Push-Ups with Rick
Standing Hip Exercises with Liz
4 Steps to Master the Double Straight Leg
Glute Set #2 with Faith
Hip Mobility and Strength with Rick
Exercises for Maintaining Healthy Knees with Rick
Push-Up Variations with Faith
Intro to Swim Cords with Cliff
Swim Band Workout with Cliff
Hip Lifts with Rick
Squat Progression with Kate
Assisted Pull-Ups with Kate
Abductor and Adductor Exercises with Kate
At-Home Arm Exercises with Rachael
Leg Lifts with Rachael
Weighted Glute Bridges with Rachael
Tabletop Glutes with Rachael
At-Home Upper Body Exercises with Rachael



Psoas Stretches with Micki
Seated Stretches with Liz
Relieve Back Tension with Boston Chair Massage
Shoulder Mobility with Rick
Seated Twists with Micki
Sofa Stretch Sequence with Micki
Active Hamstring Stretching with Liz
Spine Movement with Dave
Six Movements of the Spine with Rachael
Wrist Warm-Ups with Faith
Pigeon Pose with Dave
Hip Stretches with Dave
Neck and Shoulder Relaxation with Faith
Neck Rolls with Rachael



Zumba Break with Olga
Dance Break with Brian
Hip-Hop Dance Break with Brian
Stand Up and Dance with Micki
Get Up and Groove – A Dance Playlist
Take a Breather with Micki
Learn a Line Dance with Raul
Daylight Saving Movement Sequence with Micki
Waltz Line Dance with Raul
Ballroom Series Part 1: Swing Dance
Ballroom Series Part 2: Argentine Tango
Zoom Break with Micki
FitRec’s Favorite Dance Films



Morning Flow Yoga with Bianca
Chair Yoga with Aysegul
30-Minute Yoga with Jessica
Sun Salutation Yoga with Faith
Yin Yoga with Aysegul
20-Minute Yoga Flow with Shelby
Warm-Up Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Bianca
Quick Flow Yoga with Faith
5-Minute Yoga/Barre Warm-Up with Aysegul
Sun B Yoga Flow with Faith
4 Steps to Master the Crow Pose
Morning Sun Salutation with Dave
Chair Pose Series with Rachael: Part 1
Chair Pose Series with Rachael: Part 2
Chair Pose Series with Rachael: Part 3
Chair Pose Series with Rachael: Part 4
Chair Yoga with Leeanne
Backbend Series with Faith: Part 1
Three-Part Breathing with Rachael
Backbend Series with Faith: Part 2
Backbend Series with Faith: Part 3
Backbend Series with Faith: Part 4
Warrior Pose Basics with Dave
Dolphin Push-Ups with Faith
Yoga Pose Modifications for Flexibility with Dave
Chaturanga Variations with Faith
Elevate Your Downward Dog with Dave
Nighttime Yoga with Faith
Chaturanga Push-Ups with Dave


Outdoor Activities

7 Ways to Be Active With Your Dog
Indoor Tent Set-Up with Gianna
Earth Day Herb Garden with Gianna
Double Figure Eight Knot Lesson with Saira
Hiking New Hampshire’s 4,000-Footers with Scott and Gianna
Climb Your Home Challenge with Kailan
Back(Packing) with Pace
Home Climbing Wall Build with Perry
How to Identify Poison Ivy with Julia
Climbing at Home with FitTreks
Hiking Safety with Julia
Plant Your Salad with Micki
4 Ways to Venture Outdoors


Workout and Activity Tips

5 Easy Ways to Move
5 Healthy Habits for Working From Home
6 Ways to Add Mindfulness and Wellbeing Into Your Routine
Breathing Techniques with Aysegul
5 Books to Help You Break a Mental Sweat
How to Create Your Own Gym Equipment
Running Tips with Kate
Remote Personal Training
5 Ways to Create More Space to Move
5 Ways to Move While Cooking


Wellness Resources

The Washington Post: The 31 Best Dance Scenes in Movies
American Heart Association: Six-Week Beginner Walking Plan
SpotOn! Podcast with Joan Salge Blake
New from Headspace: Weathering the Storm (Headspace is free for BU students and faculty/staff)
The New York Times: In Italy, ‘Io Resto a Casa,’ but Still I Dance
FitBit: 5-Minute Stretching Routine for Walkers
BU Student Health Services: Behavioral Medicine
BU Sargent Choice Nutrition Center: Nutrition Counseling, Workshops & More
Matrix Fitness: 4 At-Home Workouts
BU Physical Therapy Center: Telehealth
BU Hillel: Virtual Programs
BU Student Health Services: Resources for Well-Being
BU Wellbeing Project Resources
Cirque du Soleil: At Home Workouts
BU Today: Four Healthy Microwave Recipes
BU Sargent Choice Nutrition Center: Test Kitchen Blog
SpotOn!: Episode with FitRec’s Kate Durant
BU Metropolitan College: Virtual Activities Calendar
BU Online Earth Day, April 21
River Valley Club: Tennis Agility Cardio Set
3 Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk with FitRec’s Rick DiScipio
Waterless Swim Workout
BU Sargent Choice Nutrition Center: Budget-Friendly Shopping Guide
BU Sargent Choice Nutrition Center Services
CNN: 5 Exercises to Offset Too Much Sitting
Dressage Rider Training
The Dean of Students office and the Wellbeing Project: Community, Covid & Conflict: Navigating the Hard Stuff in This New World
The New York Times: Exercise “Snack,” Standing 7-Minute Workout
The New York Times: 11-Minute Body-Weight Workout