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Registration for Pre-Holiday 5-on-5 Basketball is now open!

Visit MyFitRec and click Intramural Registration on the Adult Programs drop down to register. Full registration instructions can be found on our Policies page.

Fee: $60/team
Location of Games: FitRec, 4-Court Gym
Entry/Roster Deadline: Friday, October 27 – 5pm
Roster Form: Click Here. Complete and submit to after submitting payment
Captains’ Meeting: Thursday, November 2 – 5:30pm, FitRec Room 222


More Information

  • Pre-Holiday 5-on-5 Basketball Rules
  • This annual tournament takes place between the end of the 3-on-3 season and the Thanksgiving Break.
  • Teams are scheduled into a pool with two to three other teams, with the top two advancing to a single elimination bracket.
  • The open “A” playoff bracket will be seeded based on rankings of the teams who are advancing.  The rankings will be based on win percentage and average point differential. This process will be explained in detail at the captains meeting.
  • Any team who forfeits a game will be removed from the tournament
  • Although a limited number of pinnies will be provided, teams are encouraged to provide their own matching shirts with numbers.
  • In the Co-Rec Division, a team must have a minimum male-to-female ratio of 2:3 on the court at all times.
  • Make sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to sign in.
  • Teams and players are responsible for knowing and abiding by league rules, policies, and sportsmanship guidelines.
  • Please report any issues or errors in scores/standings to


Pre-Holiday Playoff Brackets

*Please note that unlike during our regular BUIM leagues, the seedings for the Open “A” playoffs for this tournament will be based on the overall rankings of advancing teams. All #1 seeds will be ranked based on win percentage and average point differential and assigned to their proper spot in the bracket. The same will be done for the #2 seeds.

Open “A” 1 Standing and Schedule

Team Name Wins Losses Differential
1) X 0 0 0
2) X 0 0 0
3) X 0 0 0
Date Time Matchup

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