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Fundraising is a vital aspect of the Club Sport experience. Teams who experience the most fundraising success are those who are able to plan ahead and think both critically and creatively about their future goals and needs. Please remember to always check with your advisor before initiating any fundraising efforts on behalf of your team.

Club Sports fundraising opportunities

This is a list of local business or events where our teams have had past success generating some fundraising dollars for their club. You are in no way bound to this list, and we always encourage teams to be creative and share their good ideas.

We hope to grow this list and keep it current with proper contact information. Please contact your advisor if you have other opportunities to add to this list or if you find that any information on this list has changed.

On-campus opportunities

Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) manages the database of past donors and can offer great advice on engaging alumni and developing a strong following. Contact your Club Advisor and begin planning today.

Agganis Arena cleanings are a great way for your team to get dirty for a good cause. Teams head up the cleaning effort after games and events and all of the money goes directly to your team account. Agganis Arena Post-Event Cleaning Info Sheet.

The Athletics department often looks for groups who are able to work at varsity track meets held at the Track and Tennis Center during the Spring Semester. Each worker will earn $8.25 per hour for your team. Most sessions will last between three and five hours and responsibilities will vary from posting race results and ushering to resetting high jump and pole vault bars. Dates and times will be updated when available.

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