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Dance Minor

Contact Information for Dance Minor Advisors:
Judith Chaffee, 617-353-3390 (CFA Students);
Micki Taylor-Pinney, 617-353-1597 (non-CFA Students)

photo of Monica Bill Barnes licking shoulder

(Monica Bill Barnes; Guest artist Fall 2010)

Other guest artists have included:

Victoria Marks 2006

Claire Porter 2007

Tiffany Mills 2008

Janis Brenner 2010

Michael Jahoda 2011

Nathan Trice 2012

Paula Josa-Jones 2013

Diane Coburn Bruning 2013


If you are interested in the Dance Minor at BU contact Micki at

Click here for more information about the Dance Minor.

Dance Minor Intent Form: This form is required as soon as student declares intent to minor. Requires signatures from one of the dance advisors, Jim Petosa, the Theatre Chair, and Ilana Brownstein, CFA minor coordinator.

Adobe PDF

Dance Minor Curriculum


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