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Yoga for Kids and Families: Find your balance inside and out!

Why yoga, why now? Yoga engages both body and mind in a journey that starts on the mat and builds tools for a lifetime. Our classes develop physical and mental strength, and promote connection with ourselves and each other. And they are fun!

• Balance, stretch, invert, and build strength in traditional poses and Vinyasa flow sequences
• Tap creativity and awareness through activities that engage the senses
• Find calm and confidence through breathing, mindful meditation, and relaxation
• Create greater self-awareness and awareness of others, building confidence and cooperation

Featured Class: Yoga Fun

Play a game, embark on an adventure, and move to music for an energetic and varied introduction to yoga. Asana sequences, breathing exercises, mindfulness exploration, and relaxation will be included to provide a range of experiences. Class will build coordination, balance, and strength while promoting self-awareness and cooperation.

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