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FitRec Access FAQs

FitRec’s system receives our data from the University registrar (for students/alumni) and Human Resources (for faculty/staff). Below is some information regarding different classifications of students/alumni and the transition between the two. For students, generally how the registrar classifies you is the affiliation that we will see. Our system will only allow you to purchase membership (or sign the waiver in the case of full-time students) if your account has the proper permission level attached to it.

Given the high number of unique classifications at Boston University (such as for PhD students, students on internships, etc.) there is no way for us to make this list exhaustive, so please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions about your own access. For students in programs which deviate from the traditional credit system (but for which you are still classified by your school/college as full-time), documentation may need to be submitted to our staff in order for us to grant you the appropriate access level.

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