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Mobile device policy

  • Phone calls, texts, and photography are strictly prohibited at all times in any activity area, classroom, locker room, or restroom, including the Gerald Tsai Jr. Fitness Center, multi-purpose rooms, gymnasia, track, climbing wall, squash/racquetball courts, and inside the pool area.
  • Cell phones may be used for listening to audio or using fitness-related applications.
  • The use of any device, including a mobile phone or tablet, for photography and/or videotaping is not allowed unless prior written authorization is obtained from the management of the Fitness & Recreation Center.
  • Members are permitted to use electronic handheld tablets on the fitness floor for personal viewing and/or audio use.
  • Inappropriate use of phones, cameras, and electronic tablets may result in corrective action, up to and including permanent dismissal from the facility.
  • FitRec is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Please visit the front desk if you would like clarification on this policy.

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