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FitRec is open for informal recreation, and academic and PDP courses. Workout reservations are required for all recreational use. Reserve your workout time here. Your Terrier Card, a green badge on the Healthway app and a mask are required for all entries.

All students taking in-person PDP classes held at FitRec will receive a link via email that will allow them to sign the FitRec User Agreement electronically and provide access to the facility during their class periods. Students should make sure to complete this step prior to arriving for their first class. Any questions or concerns regarding this process should be directed to 

  1. Click on the link within the email. This will take you to your specific class within Please note that links are unique to the class/section and should not be shared.
  2. Click “Add +,” and then “Add to Cart.”
  3. If you have not already done so, log in using your BU email account.
  4. Confirm the class by checking the box underneath your name, then click “Continue.”
  5. Read through the FitRec User Agreement and check the box indicating “I agree with the above,” then click “Continue.”
  6. You are now in the “Shopping Cart.” Click on “Proceed to Checkout.”
  7. Summary of Charges will be $0. Confirm your “Billing Information”, then click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Congratulations, your transaction is complete. You will receive an email confirmation at your BU email address from Please check your spam folder if you do not see this shortly thereafter.

Spring 2021 PDP Classes FAQs

Is my Physical Education (PDP) class going to be offered in-person or through remote learning?

We are not able to offer all of our PDP offerings this spring, but the classes that we are offering will take place as either an in-person only or remote learning-only class for the duration of the semester. Many of our classes have changed rooms as have maximum capacities to allow for physical distancing.

How will I know if my class is being offered remotely?

If your class is a remote-only class, its location will be listed on the Student Link as NIP (Not In Person).

How will I know if my PDP class was cancelled?

Please check the status of your class on the Student Link. If your class was cancelled, there is nothing further that you need to do. However, we would encourage you to register for another PDP class that has not reached its maximum enrollment. 

What do I need to bring with me to FitRec in order to gain access to the building?

Before you arrive at FitRec for your first class, you will need to read and sign an electronic User Agreement. You should receive instructions on how to fill out the User Agreement via email, as stated above. You will also need your BUID, a green badge on your BU Healthway website/app, a two 2-3 ply face coverings and maybe a small sweat towel. Please also bring a full water bottle – water fountains will be turned off, but water fillers will remain on. Come ready to participate in your class and do not bring other personal items with you.

Can I still attend my class if I forget a face covering?

You will not be able to enter the Fitness and Recreation Center without an appropriate face covering as defined by Boston University. If your face covering breaks or becomes ineffective due to perspiration, use your replacement mask. 

Where can I store my belongings during class?

You are encouraged to arrive at your class ready to participate and not bring any other belongings with you. If that is not possible, your instructor will provide you with instructions on where to store them during class. 

How early can I arrive at FitRec for my class?

You may arrive up to 10 minutes before your class time. You will be allowed to enter the facility when class spaces are ready. You will need to show your green badge from the Healthway web portal and BUID and then swipe in using your BU ID.  

Can I come to FitRec before my class to workout? Can I stay after my class to workout? 

Fitness and recreation activities will be available on a reservation system in the spring. You will be able to make a reservation for the closest activity period before or after your class, but otherwise, we ask that you exit FitRec after your class. 

What if my class is at Walter Brown Arena – what will I need to do there?

You can access Walter Brown Arena through the front entrance of the Case Center and follow the signage directing you to the ice. From there, your instructors will check your Healthway green badge, BUID and give you directions.

Can I get a towel and take a shower at FitRec after my class?

The locker rooms will be open for restroom use only. Showers, lockers and towels will not be available in those locations. You should plan to shower at your residence.


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