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FitRec is open for summer hours starting Monday, May 24. Workout reservations are required for all recreational use. Reserve your workout time here. Your Terrier Card, a green badge on the Healthway app and a mask are required for all entries.

Take a virtual tour of the new layout of the fitness floors, and learn where to find your favorite machines and equipment!


When will the fitness floors open for informal recreation?

Cardio machines, weights, stretching, and lap swimming will be available in the summer and fall based on state and University health guidelines. Watch here for updates. To workout, you will need to reserve your day and time using our online system. Then, at your allotted time, come to FitRec with your green badge on Healthway, your Terrier Card, a face covering, a water bottle, and dressed to work out. A confirmed reservation is required for entry.

Workout reservation sessions are 90 minutes. After your workout you will exit the building so FitRec staff can sanitize the facility before the next workout session.

If you cannot make it to FitRec for your reserved time, please cancel so someone else can work out.

Can I come early before my class or stay after my class to workout?

You are able to make a workout reservation for the closest activity period before or after your class, but otherwise, we ask that you exit FitRec immediately after your class.

How often will machines and weights be cleaned?

Users will be responsible for cleaning equipment before and after use. We ask that you wipe down all equipment and wait a full 5 minutes before you start your workout. Wipes will be stationed around the facility and next to all machines. FitRec staff will also clean all equipment and facility spaces periodically throughout the reservation block, and additionally in a 30 minute cleaning block in between each 90 minute reservation block.

How will physical distancing be enforced?

Upon entry into the fitness center, you will notice signage and taped squares instructing you on where to stand or workout. Informal recreation spaces and equipment have been placed 14 feet away from the next person or piece of exercise equipment.

Can I have someone spot me?

Based on physical distancing guidelines, spotting is prohibited. Please keep this in mind when lifting weights and keep to a safe, maintainable weight.

What if I don’t want to wear a mask when I exercise?

A face covering must be worn while in FitRec at all times. Any patrons not wearing a face covering will be asked to reapply one.

What about FitPass? What can I do for group exercise?

FitPass and in-person group exercise will be discontinued until further notice. Please refer to the FitRec website and social media for How to Keep Moving content, information, and resources. Additionally, we are offering a number of PDP classes both in-person only and remote-only. You may register for a PDP class on Student Link.

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