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What an incredible year it has been! Thank you to all of our student employees for your hard work to help bring FitRec back to our community. Thank you for your many hours of service with a smile behind your mask. We know it was far from “normal,” but FitRec made it through this year because of YOU. We hope you enjoyed your time working with FitRec this year, made some new friends, and developed some new skills. The contributions of our student employees are truly appreciated.

We would like to announce and recognize our Student Employees of the Year for 2020-2021. These students are being honored for their consistent excellence and over-the-top service! Their name will forever appear on the Employee of the Year plaque in FitRec, plus they will receive a Barnes & Noble gift card!



Let’s also honor our Outstanding Student Employees in each area. These team members served FitRec this year in an awesome way. Thank you for all your contributions!


Danielle Brennan, Stephen Buden, Meredith Fagan, Maddie Hurysz, Gabby Kim, Andrea Kokkinos, Alex Melly, Kristen Pereira, Olivia Young, Timothy Zhu

Emergency Medical Services

Courtney Arch, Elana Everett, Piers Klein, Stella Miller, Aniston Miller, Enzo Plaitano, Maren Strootman, Liz Stubbs, Will Willigrod


Calista Gray, Victoria Lopez, Sasha Mendoza, Olivia Kirker, Erin Dracup, Ellie Olsen, Daniel Reis, Harrison Gdanski, Jacqueline Bui, Kimberly Siu


Sophie Bush, Yesh Onipede, Sam Haley, Johnson Peow, Lauren Gerlin, Isabelle Goode, Kwadwo Osafo, Kaitlyn Hirsch, Monica Shipman

Also, a heartfelt congratulations to all our graduating seniors! We will miss you! Thank you for all you have done to create our FitRec community.

Thank you again to each and every member of our FitRec Team. We look forward to seeing you this summer and/or the fall – and can’t wait to build back to even better than before, with your help!

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