Tuition Benefits

The Tuition Exchange

Boston University is a member of The Tuition Exchange, Inc., a national organization that administers tuition scholarships for dependent children of employees from member colleges and universities.

Tuition Exchange for Enrollment at Boston University

The Tuition Exchange provides Boston University tuition scholarship opportunities for students seeking to enroll at Boston University who have a parent employed at a Tuition Exchange member college or university.

Tuition Exchange for Dependents of Boston University Employees

The Tuition Exchange provides tuition scholarship opportunities for dependents of Boston University employees seeking to enroll at other Tuition Exchange member colleges and universities.

Each year, Boston University’s agreement with The Tuition Exchange, Inc. permits up to ten (10) students who are planning to enter their freshman year of college the following academic year to enroll in undergraduate degree programs at over 600 participating colleges and universities located in 46 states and the United Kingdom.

Tuition Remission

Tuition Remission is a benefit of employment that may be offered to eligible employees (and their dependents) by an employer. Eligibility standards and the amount of the tuition benefit are established by the employer.

Tuition Remission for Boston University Employees

Comprehensive information about tuition remission for Boston University employees and their dependents is available at BU Human Resources.

Tuition Remission Benefits Offered by Non-Boston University Employers

Boston University students seeking to use a tuition benefit provided by their or their parent’s employer should contact their employer’s human resources department for eligibility and application process information. Report any tuition benefits received from your employer for enrollment at Boston University to BU Financial Assistance.  Go to BU Student Accounting Services for information about how to apply payments on your behalf from your employer to your BU student account.

Tuition Benefits for Service Members

All Service members attending the same educational institution, at the same location, enrolled in the same course, will be charged the same tuition rate without regard to their Service component. This single tuition rate includes active duty Service members and the National Guard and Reservists who are activated under Title 10 and using Title 10 Military Tuition Assistance, in order to assure that tuition rate distinctions are not made based on the Service members’ branches of Service. See Veterans Benefits & Services for more information.