Federal Work-Study

This federally subsidized program provides jobs to help eligible students meet educational expenses. Since Federal Work-Study funding is limited, it is not included in all student awards. Priority is given to students with higher calculated financial eligibility who indicate on the FAFSA that they are interested in student employment.

Students who receive Work-Study can access both on- and off-campus employment opportunities through the Work-Study job listings on the Student Link.

The amount shown on your award notification is the maximum amount you can earn over the academic year. Actual earnings will depend on your work schedule and hourly rate. Generally, students work 8 to 12 hours per week. The lowest hourly pay rates start at the minimum wage set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You cannot use your Federal Work-Study award as a credit on your bill because these funds are paid directly to you as wages for the hours you work each week.

Students have their weekly pay directly deposited into a bank account of their choice. Pay stub information, as well as Direct Deposit Authorization, is available through the Student Link. Weekly paid students receive their first payment on the Friday of the second week of work, provided timesheets are submitted on time. You should bring sufficient funds with you when you arrive on campus to cover any immediate expenses such as books, supplies, and personal items.

Work-Study awards are canceled if the recipients do not defer their award or begin working by the third week of October (fall semester or full-year awards) or February (spring semester awards). Refer to the Student Employment Office’s Dates and Deadlines for details.

Job Placement

Freshmen may choose to participate in Job Fair, which is held in the summer during the Orientation Program. Those who choose not to participate in the Job Fair will receive an email in mid-August outlining the fall job search process.

Returning students may choose to return to their prior jobs or seek new positions in the fall.

Federal Work-Study can be used for community service positions, including positions as literacy tutors. See the Student Employment Office website or visit the Work-Study Office for additional information.