ROTC Scholarships

The Boston University Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program offers scholarship opportunities in all four branches of the United States Armed Forces.

Federal ROTC Scholarships

Federal ROTC scholarships are offered in exchange for military service after graduation.

Some scholarships cover the full cost of tuition, fees, and books, as well as a monthly stipend for four years. Others provide partial tuition for three or four years. They do not cover room and board expenses.

Boston University-Funded ROTC Awards

Boston University offers grants to students who receive federal ROTC scholarships.

On-campus Room and Board (dining plan) Grants are awarded to recipients of full-tuition federal ROTC scholarships. Any ROTC student receiving a full-tuition federal ROTC scholarship will be awarded a BU Room and Board Grant. These grants are renewable for up to 8 semesters, students are required to reside in BU on-campus housing and the amount of the BU Room and Board Grant covers standard room and dining plan costs.

Boston University Supplemental ROTC Grants are available for students who receive federal ROTC scholarships of less than full tuition. The BU Supplemental ROTC grant plus the student’s federal ROTC grant will equal full tuition.

Recipients of federal three-year ROTC scholarships are eligible for a Boston University Incentive Grant for the first year of their studies before their federal ROTC grant is activated in their sophomore year. The Boston University Incentive Grant is equivalent to half the cost of one year’s tuition and is available to three-year scholarship recipients in all four University ROTC programs.

For more information on ROTC programs at Boston University, please contact: