Tuition Payment Plan

The Tuition Payment Plan allows you to pay for current academic year expenses out of current monthly income and savings. Because there are no interest charges, the total cost is significantly lower than you would incur with a loan.

You may choose to budget all or part of your educational costs with the Tuition Payment Plan. The annual amount you choose to budget is spread over the fall and spring semesters. The total is divided equally into ten monthly payments, beginning in May.

You should contact Tuition Payment Plan early enough for them to process your enrollment before the fall semester payment deadline in mid-August. Also, if you enroll after May 15, you will need to “catch up” on monthly payments that have passed.

There is a nonrefundable annual enrollment fee of $65. No interest is charged.

You can cancel a Tuition Payment Plan contract without penalty, if your student account is paid in full. You can decrease the budgeted amount if unforeseen financial aid comes through. And, if your initial budget amount is insufficient to cover your balance due, you can increase your annual contract amount.

For more detailed information or to apply:

Tuition Payment Plan