Credit-Based Loans

After determining whether you qualify for government-sponsored student loans, which generally offer more favorable terms, you may want to consider credit-based loans to help pay direct and indirect college expenses.

Certain states, including those listed below, sponsor credit-based loans. On an annual basis, Boston University invites private lenders to provide information about their products through a Request for Information (RFI) process. The University has reviewed the information provided by every lender who submitted information and, based on the information submitted, identified the following loan products as having competitive rates, customer service, and borrower benefits.

You are not required to borrow from one of the lenders listed here or in other University materials. You may choose to borrow from any lender without penalty.

We urge you to compare credit-based loan information and terms carefully to determine the best fit for your particular circumstances. You must apply for credit-based loans directly with lenders. Calculated financial eligibility is not required for approval, but applicants must meet credit and other eligibility requirements set by individual lenders.

You must complete Private Education Loan Self-Certification Form and submit it to the lender before your application for a private educational loan can be processed.

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Credit-based Loans Offered by Your State

Most states did not participate in our RFI process and most (except Massachusetts) are offered only to residents of those states. The University cannot guarantee that this is a comprehensive list of credit-based loans offered by states, and we encourage you to check with your state about the availability of such loans. You are not required to borrow from any of the lenders listed here or in other University materials. You may consider and choose any lender without penalty.

State Telephone
Alaska 800-441-2962
Connecticut 800-935-2275
Iowa 800-243-7552
Maine 800-922-6352
Massachusetts 800-266-0243
Minnesota 800-657-3866
New Hampshire 855-887-5430
New Jersey 800-792-8670
North Dakota 800-472-2166
Rhode Island 800-758-7562