Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

A withdrawal or leave of absence from Boston University must be arranged through the University Service Center and is effective on the date that the University is notified.

Tuition Refunds

The tuition refund for students who withdraw or take a leave of absence on or after the first day of classes is calculated in accordance with the University’s refund policy, as published by the Office of the University Registrar in Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence.

Requests for refunds must be made in writing to Student Accounting Services. Requests for exceptions to the published tuition refund schedule must be submitted in writing to the University Service Center.

Adjustment of Financial Assistance

When a student withdraws or takes a leave of absence on or after the first day of classes, but before 60% of the semester has passed, his or her financial aid award is adjusted.

The University calculates the appropriate adjustment to University charges. The resulting refunds due and payable to each of the various financial aid programs and to the family are also calculated. If the student still has outstanding charges due to the University, any refund due to the family is automatically credited toward that outstanding balance. Any refund in excess of the balance is sent to the family.

Federal financial aid is adjusted in accordance with federal regulations.

After tuition charges have been adjusted, University grant is adjusted to an amount that will cover the same percentage of tuition as was covered prior to the adjustment. The family is expected to provide the full family contribution calculated for the semester, since they have the primary responsibility for paying educational expenses.