A Family’s First College Student

Stephanie’s Story


Stephanie wanted to be the first person in her working-class family to attend college. She knew what she wanted to be, too. Years ago, she’d been inspired by the occupational therapist who helped her grandmother recover from a stroke. That led Stephanie to her career goal—and later to BU, the top-rated program in the field, as her first choice for college. Her parents were distressed. Although Stephanie had excellent grades and they wanted the best for her, they doubted they could afford such a prestigious school, even with assistance. They were also trying to put away college money for their two younger children.

Stephanie’s Application Data


Class Rank Grades Curriculum SAT
top 10% 3.7Average GPA Very CompetitiveVery Competitive 1930Composite


Financial Aid Decision

Fortunately, Stephanie applied for and received a BU need-based scholarship that covered most of her costs and let her pursue her dream. Her part-time job provides extra money for living expenses.