Don’t Give Up on a Dream

Kristen’s Story


At the age of 9, Kristen saw a film on polar bears and decided to help save the Earth. From then on, she joined environmental community projects, started a school recycling drive, and wrote a “Think Green” column for her school newspaper. In high school, she set her sights on BU’s Earth Sciences program, with its worldwide research and fieldwork opportunities. But Kristen’s mother, a single parent with two children, felt the cost of a BU degree was out of reach. Still, she and Kristen explored financial aid options at BU and applied for assistance.

Kristen’s Application Data


Class Rank Grades Curriculum SAT
top 5% 4.0Average GPA Most CompetitiveMost Competitive 2150Composite


Financial Aid Decision

Kristen was offered a $20,000 Presidential scholarship, along with a student loan and Work-Study. With those funds, plus a contribution from her grandparents, Kristen is now enrolled at BU.