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Treatment and Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Our next course, originally scheduled to start November 15, 2002, will be temporarily postponed. THANK YOU to all who have registered. We have had an overwhelming response, which is so exciting! However, because of this, we need to postpone the start date to determine how we will accommodate the increased demand (at this point, registration has been closed). Please check back in two weeks for more information. Click here for accreditation information.

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This multimedia web-based course runs for 6 weeks, and includes 5 Modules on various aspects of caring for diabetic patients, including: screening and diagnosis, lifestyle treatment, medication options, use of insulin in the type 2 diabetic, and self monitoring.

We offer interactive modules that make learning more engaging. In addition, we use streamed video to demonstrate patient visits. No special equipment or software is needed to view the video; all you need is a computer with sound capability! The online discussion board is yet another way we support interactivity. Here you can reflect about your personal experiences and communicate with your peers about the online cases and modules.

The case-based discussion takes place asynchronously via a threaded discussion group. You read and post messages when it is convenient for you. The emphasis is on participation from the physicians, the learners. The course will require about 1 hour per week of your time.

Module 1: Diagnosing Diabetes: Where's the Evidence?

This module explores the risk factors for type 2 diabetes and current guidelines for diagnosing the disease. It also examines the recent change in diagnostic criteria.

Module 2: Education and Lifestyle Approaches to Treatment: What's New and What Works?

This module reviews the evidence for modification of lifestyle (principally diet, weight loss, and physical activity) as the essential component of the clinical management of type 2 diabetes, and provides practical guidance on this topic for the practicing GP.

Module 3: Detailed Dietary Guidelines: Recommendations for the Nutritional Management of Patients with DM

This module focuses on specific diet recommendations for patients with DM, including appropriate amounts and types of foods. In addition, we will examine how fat, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and alcohol, can be detrimental or beneficial to patients with DM.

Module 4: Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

This module focuses on gaining a better understanding of the options and combinations available for treating the type 2 diabetic. We will also focus on making a rational and individualized choice of medication that is appropriate for the underlying pathophysiologic process causing the elevated blood sugar.

Module 5: Patient Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose

This module will address patient self-monitoring of blood glucose, and will briefly review the use of the HgA1c.

What are the strengths of this online course?

Student 1: Well structured teaching modules. Ability to interact with colleagues and seek alternative management styles and views. Avoidance of clinical isolation. The idea of a "clinical case" to discuss was appropriate and interesting to see views and reactions of others. Ability to visit site when time available. Strong and sympathetic course organizer/controller, with a gentle guiding hand when appropriate. I liked the Massachusetts flow chart.

Student 2: Genuine mutual educational support from a group I am involved with in education of registrars. Interesting and individual support from the course organizer. Very useful info regarding the differences in medical care across the water and medication usage. A pleasant way to refresh/learn for the first time an area of increasing workload/treatments and primary care involvement. Able to participate at my own speed/time.

Sample the Course

Slide presentation showing course pages (PowerPoint)

Sample page from one of the learning modules (HTML)

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