Dr. Robert Saper named Co-Editor-in-Chief of Global Advances in Health and Medicine

Global Advances in Health and Medicine is a peer-reviewed Medline-indexed journal that publishes six print and digital issues per year. Robert Saper MD MPH, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, has recently been named the Co-Editor-in-Chief.

Global Advances seeks research related to any of these four broad areas:

Whole person care: Physical as well as psychological, social, and spiritual factors influence health and wellbeing.

A Systems perspective: Health and healing are impacted by the structure and function of family, community, health care, government and other relevant ‘systems’.

Integrative health and medicine: An approach to care that is patient-centered, relationship-based, and makes use of all appropriate therapies, professionals and disciplines.

Global health: Improving health and well-being worldwide by reducing disparities and addressing important problems that go beyond national borders
Clinical trials, observational studies, qualitative research, systematic reviews, quality improvement projects, and case reports are all welcome. The Journal does not charge any author publication fees.

Guidelines for manuscript preparation are available at www.gahmj.com. Articles can be submitted via email to GAHMJsubmissions@gahmj.com.

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